1. Vienna from a FIBB perspective


    Today, I’d like to share some thoughts about a popular city that’s been argued a lot of times by a lot of people. Some love it. Some don’t: Vienna.

    There’s a lot of people who don’t like Vienna. I’m actually one of those who never quite liked Vienna. My image of the city has always been straight forward: UGLY. I’ve imagined a poor and dirty city full of drugs, crimes and awkard people. And to be honest I really haven’t seen anything different there yet.

    Anyway: I guess my opinion about this city started to grow as I have always been there just for a short stay and haven’t had the time to explore its real beauty.


    I really wanted to change my perspective as Vienna as a city always seemed fascinating and I heard a whole lot of good stuff about it. So I wanted to rethink and get out there trying to visit some tourist spots and sights I haven’t seen yet (there’s gotta be something good about it if everyone’s going there, right?).

    This time – now that I took a closer look – Vienna seemed great and pretty. It’s an awesome mixture of old traditions and new, modern lifestyle. Vienna has some stunning old buildings, beautiful parks, etc. and connects through a really well established infrastructure.

    There’s so much to see: from the famous “St. Stephen’s Cathedral” and “Schönbrunn Palace” to the artistic “MuseumsQuartier”, “Museum of Fine Arts” and relaxing parks like the “Volksgarten”. Not to mention the many events you can enter, be it a concert, musical or anything else.

    If you’d like to get a fast first impression when visiting Vienna I advice you to go to “Haus des Meeres”, an underwater animal park. Sounds odd? Well, wait until you reach the top of the building. You get an unbelievable 360°-view all over Vienna right from the centre of the town (and you get to see some nice fishes).


    Vienna is also well known for its coffee culture. To be honest it’s a little awkward for a born italian. Coffee for us is somehow like one of the most important things in our everyday lives. Having to pay an unfriendly waiter telling me “We don’t have a card. Want coffee?” for an overpriced cup of the beloved brown gold in one of the most well known cafe’s in town – “Hawelka” – seems like a joke.

    Speaking of which: rudeness seems like a lifestyle in this city. Tourists get treaten like assholes to experience the ultimate vienna way of living!

    People in Vienna are also always in a rush and look damn busy all the time. They’re always pushing around and “asking you kindly” (see above, get the irony?) to get out of their way all the time.

    A lot complain about the size of the city. Some have to get to work and back home by subway driving 45 minutes per day through the whole city. Might be the reason why they’re all so unfriendly.

    But really this is just a small downside to an otherwise great city to visit and live in!


    If you’re looking for a calmed down city I wouldn’t recommend to get there.
    But if you’re up for an interesting place that shares old traditions with a flavour of modern culture, it’s a great place to be.

    For more pictures: I’ve opened an Album on Flickr.

    But enough now, I’m off to Munich.
    What’s your view on Vienna?

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  2. Work hard. Travel smooth.


    I love my job. I work hard. Up to 12 hours a day.
    Good work requires passion and huge effort. Huge effort results in exhaustion. Exhaustion can lead to long-term health problems, so no more good work, inspiration or whatsoever.

    Sometimes I think I can’t even work for one more hour. Work is stacking up and my mind is getting slower. These are the times where it might be a good idea to just stop and take a long break.

    I love to travel. I like photography.
    Escaping the everyday stress, getting to a new place and taking some pictures feels just right for me. I can gather new energies, free my mind, relax and think about all the things I wouldn’t have the time to while focused on my daily work (actually wouldn’t TAKE the time, but that’s a different story).

    The picture was taken at Wenceslas Square in Prague. I was there on a weekend trip. When things are getting heavy I try to ignore my inner voice telling me to continue with my work and just get away. The best ideas come up when you don’t even think about them in a direct context. You just walk around, hang out, talk to people and boooom, there’s your new master idea or super solution for a mind breaking problem.

    If you’re interested in more pictures you can find me on 500px: @firsara

    To conclude: grab your backpack and get the fuck out of your comfort zone.

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  3. Thank you folks, for your faces


    When we launched MADE BY FIBB we were unsure if people would like this style and if the site would return the impact we wanted. After submitting to several galleries and showcases we were curious how it would end up. We received a lot of good feedback and some bug reports. We went from submission to site of the day on the cssdesignawards. The server almost broke down.

    Concept & design & developement
    When we started concepting, designing and developing this project we knew that squares are unique (just kidding), and of course there are some other sites out there using squares too. Anyway our passion was to create a wall wich shows all of our content at one time without a click. Another very important fact for us was to give users the chance to be part of our website. For this reason we implemented a photo function. This function gives everybody the ability to post a quick “cheese” or “you suck” on our wall.

    Our stats so far since our launch back in June:

    • 2.000 visitors the first day
    • About 20k+ unique visitors
    • ~30.000 visitors
    • 180 honors received
    • 300 GB of HTTP-Traffic generated
    • Winner of the month on CSS Winner
    • Honorable mention from awwwards
    • Numerous other mentions and awards

    Therefore you guys deserve a big thank you (hope it’s big enough)

    Not enough? You greedy people :-)
    No you are right. We decided to build this timekiller project. It’s a blog and we named it paper. Paper is a free WordPress theme for you made with love by fibb.

    Grab the latest version on github: https://github.com/firsara/paper

    close   .  

    Written by FIBB


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